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Himanshu Patel

Aventiv Technologies
Digital Transformation Leader
Himanshu Patel is a digital transformation leader, evangelist, speaker, and passionate technologist with a solid breadth and depth; he is a firm believer of simplistic and sustainable design and an enabler of DevOps Practices. Patel enjoys learning and sharing, with a passion for presenting and speaking on digital and cultural transformation, microservices architecture, DevOps CI/CD, and containerization/orchestration. Patel is currently Head of Middleware Technologies at Aventiv in Dallas, TX.

Patel focuses on:
  • Building and cultivating the culture of passion and innovation
  • Continuously exploring and evolving better ways of building and delivering software of varied scale
  • Driving mass behavior for cultural transformation to the digital edge for increased efficiency, maintainability, quality, and productivity while reducing cost.
  • Speaking and influencing at public events, local meetup groups, client premises, and internal events for over 10 years on a wide range of technical topics including microservices, DevOps practices, automation, containerization, orchestration, Agile, and cultural transformation
  • Currently, establishing standards for DevOps Practices including CI/CD Pipelines, IaaS, Release and Deployment Automation, Configuration Management, Container/Orchestration Strategies and also, built from scratch Enterprise-Grade Microservices Platform, Kafka Distributed Messaging Broker Platform, Enterprise Streaming Platform and DevOps Practices with Docker, CRI-O, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Vagrant, and Salt.

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, July 8

1:15pm EDT

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